This material will probably not be of interest to anybody but immediate family. At the very least it's an effective way for me to disseminate these files to the various computers that I use.

These pictures were created by me to be used as desktop wallpaper at home and work. I'll upload them just in case anybody would like to use them.

Just use the links to the right to download the wallpaper. Remember the higher the resolution is, the better the quality will be, and the picture will also be much larger.

Like two peas in a pod. 1024x768 kidspaper.jpg 159kb

800x 600 kidspaper.jpg 109kb

640x 480 kidspaper.jpg 77kb

The Antonizick Family in action 1024x768 familypaper.jpg 165kb

800x 600 familypaper.jpg 54kb

640x 480 familypaper.jpg 34kb

Just hanging out on the internet.. 1024x768 logopaper.jpg 174kb

800x 600 logopaper.jpg 103kb

640x 480 logopaper.jpg 64kb

Nobody's cooler than Evelyn. NOBODY. 1024x768 evelyncar.jpg 235kb

800x 600 evelyncar.jpg 133kb

640x 480 evelyncar.jpg 85kb

Mom went to work and left Dad in charge. It didn't take long for the adventures to start. 1024x768 Vasiline.jpg 251kb

800x 600 Vasiline.jpg 151kb

640x 480 Vasiline.jpg 97kb

I just saw the Matrix Reloaded and started playing with Photoshop. I just hope the cats don't mind being portrayed as agents. 1024x768 EvelynMatrix.jpg 301kb

800x 600 EvelynMatrix.jpg 192kb

640x 480 EvelynMatrix.jpg 126kb

This is a collection of pictures taken around Evelyn's second birthday. 1024x768 Evelyn03.jpg 230kb

800x600 Evelyn03.jpg 168kb

640x480 Evelyn03.jpg 111kb